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Travel Part Two

October 2022 | 9% |

This is a Financial Freedom Update post. Each month I report the status of my journey towards more financial freedom and reflect on my progress. To learn more about financial freedom please see my Think Week 2021 post where it all started.

I spent all of October traveling New Zealand. Expensive but worth it (I think).

As these months are so different from my normal life I won’t analyze my expenses much. My financial journey is mostly in the regular day-to-day expenses and for now I’ll enjoy being on the other side of the world.


I did not have any income in October so I don’t have any savings rate. I didn’t save anything. But to compare my spending with other months I have computed my savings rate assuming my most recent pay.

With that my savings rate was 9%. A very low rate. But I also had a lot of expenses. Mostly transportation. The biggest transportation expense was a rental car that I will also drive in November.

Category Percentage of expenses
Transportation 38.88%
Home 29.42%
Food 15.28%
Personal 13.83%
Union 1.87%
Other 0.49%
Utilities 0.22%