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July 2023 | 25% |

This is a Financial Freedom Update post. Each month I report the status of my journey towards more financial freedom and reflect on my progress. To learn more about financial freedom please see my Think Week 2021 post where it all started.

More home expenses this month. A big one was blinds for the windows – custom sizes aren’t cheap (unless you do the cutting yourself, which I didn’t…).

Along with the Home expenses there are also still a bunch of smaller expenses I could, and should, get rid off.

The Utilities category is higher than usual as I paid insurance this month.


Savings rate: 25%.

Category Percentage of expenses
Home 62.79%
Food 11.93%
Utilities 8.47%
Personal 5.80%
Health 2.83%
Transportation 2.41%
Union 2.10%
Other 1.95%
Gifts 1.72%