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Best in a Long Time

December 2023 | 58% |

This is a Financial Freedom Update post. Each month I report the status of my journey towards more financial freedom and reflect on my progress. To learn more about financial freedom please see my Think Week 2021 post where it all started.

Best month in a long time.

I feel like I spent money on a bunch of things this month. Cinema, gifts, a night out with friends. I even spent a week at a beach house (although very cheap as it is in the family). Yet my savings rate for December 2023 is still good. Better than any of the last 6 months or so.

Although I spent money on things I did try to reduce my expenses. I have been working on that a bit since fall and I’m glad I’m starting to see it work out.


Savings rate: 58%.

Category Percentage of expenses
Home 42.89%
Gift 14.08%
Food 13.88%
Personal 9.50%
Other 7.97%
Utilities 5.07%
Union 3.40%
Transportation 3.21%