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Lean Month

August 2022 | 75% |

This is a Financial Freedom Update post. Each month I report the status of my journey towards more financial freedom and reflect on my progress. To learn more about financial freedom please see my Think Week 2021 post where it all started.

Good good. I didn’t spend much in August and the results show. However, the result is a bit skewed as some of my expenses already paid or delayed.


I saved 75% of my income this month. I believe this is the highest savings rate I have had since I started this journey almost a year ago.

The big saver is the Home category below. Normally it takes the top stop. But I moved out of my apartment in August and so I paid little in rent this month. However, some of this is just prepaid rent I paid years ago and some of it is a delayed expense that will show up next month.

Category Percentage of expenses
Personal 40.92%
Food 27.44%
Home 11.81%
Union 6.64%
Utilities 6.23%
Health 4.04%
Gift 2.82%
Other 0.09%