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April 2022 | 54% |

This is a Financial Freedom Update post. Each month I report the status of my journey towards more financial freedom and reflect on my progress. To learn more about financial freedom please see my Think Week 2021 post where it all started.

A few expenses here and there but overall a fine month.


I saved 54% of my income in April. Still above target 🙌

I paid for a dinner with my family and spend a bit on a weekend with friends. Those expenses are good (although learning how to cook could have saved me quite a bit). But I’m also starting to see myself revert back to some of my habits before this journey.

I have been going for some months now and so the newness has worn off. I’m doing fine but I also want to make sure I do not fall back on old routines.

Hopefully these monthly reportings help me stay accountable. So far they have done a good job.

Category Percentage of expenses
Home 53.64%
Other 15.30%
Food 13.26%
Health 5.01%
Personal 3.81%
Union 3.73%
Utilities 2.97%
Transportation 2.28%